Episode #14 – Mad Max: Fury Road

A Whole Episode About One Movie?

Don’t worry, this isn’t another Terminator: Jenizeyz episode. We actually spend time discussing a movie that wasn’t a confusing mess/critical failure/part of a downward-spiraling movie franchise.

I know what you’re thinking: “But the Tremors franchise has four movies which are all commercially and critically successful!”.

Look, we here at Real Movies With Real Men have to pick and choose our battles, and if you’re a total idiot and missed the title of this post, we are discussing Mad Max: Fury Road!

I’m sorry it’s not about Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, but the episode is already recorded so there’s nothing I can do! Leave me alone!

Who Is This “Max” & What Is He So “Mad” About All The Time?

Sorry about that, Jerry Seinfeld sat down and started typing while I was in the bathroom. He was just telling me about this show that he and Larry David are working on.

Mad Max ends up in modern day New York and has to adapt to normal American life. It’s called “Mad Max In The Big City”. The story has been rejected by multiple television studios because the “fish out of water” style of sitcom from the 80’s hasn’t become popular again…yet. But once it does, we’ll all get to see how Mad Max deals with city life.

I can’t wait to see how Mad Max deals with:

  • Working a 9 to 5 office job
  • Getting a date
  • Coping with winter in New York
  • His interactions with his ultra liberal gender fluid roommate
  • Online dating
  • Using a smartphone
  • Creating a Facebook profile
  • Ordering at Starbucks
  • Going on blind dates

What Makes Fury Road So Great?

If I have to explain this, then you haven’t seen Fury Road. So stop what you are doing, watch Fury Road, then watch all the special features.

Wait – you’re watching it online so you don’t have access to the special features?

Drive over to your local video store and rent it. Then watch the entire movie again for good measure, and then watch all the special features. Then you can download our episode and nod your head in agreement the entire time.

Mad Max is a REAL man, just like his creator George Miller! Everything you haven’t already learned about being a man from John Matrix, Marion Cobretti, Robocop, and Judge Dredd, you can learn from Mad Max. If you aren’t a man after watching those movies, then you’re nothing but a pencil neck geek!

Get lost LOSER! But not until you listen to episode 14.

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