Episode #15 – Alien: Covenant

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Alien: Covenant

If you’re not talking down to someone, there’s no point in talking to them at all

We all know how the conversation game goes.

You come in with your pre-conceived notion, pretend to listen while the other person talks, try to be respectful while sounding like you know what you’re talking about, then leave having gained nothing but resentment knowing you’ll have to repeat this process with the next social encounter.

Fucking pointless.

We’re all just trying to trick everyone else into thinking we have more worth than is actually true, in a noble attempt to hoard more value than those around you. But speaking to them with “the respect they deserve” is about the dumbest social convention I can think of.

Not only does nobody want to do it, but it’s about as effective as earning respect by telling the truth.

It doesn’t work.

But if you talk down to someone in a way that taps into the vulnerability of their own self-doubt, then you can assuredly talk them into believing any kind of nonsense you want.

Like, when I go to the doctor I don’t want him speaking to me like we’re on the same level. As soon as he has me convinced I’m an idiot, I know then that I better do what he says.

The medical degree means nothing, the condescension… everything.

It’s important that everyone has to have someone to look down on

Wandering through this wasteland we call community can be tough to do without some kind of self-confidence. Undoubtedly the best way to build one’s ego is by having another group to constantly think less of.

The rich have the poor, the smart have the dumb, and if all else fails everyone always have foreign people to lower ones brow upon.

But today we have all the people involved with the making of Alien: Covenant to spray our poison on.

A movie so worthless you’d think the writers are as dumb as the characters in the story itself.

Apparently somewhere down the line some idiot thought taking what is essentially a franchise about a cool creature design and turning it into an origin of man story was a good idea.

At one point I discovered that this movie and Prometheus have built up quite a dedicated following of people defending the absolutely poor, incomprehensible, lazy, all set-up no pay-off story that this franchise has devolved into. But then I realized that they aren’t really worthy of being called people, so I moved on.

Apparently my co-hosts actually might have enjoyed some aspects of this film. Thank goodness I’m fortunate enough to have people in my immediate company to look down on.

Eat shit…

…and live, so you can tune into another riveting installment of Real Movies with REAL Men! A bold attempt at entertaining you by way of calling you a moron.

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