Episode # 16 – Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

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If you’re looking for an exploration of today’s most thought-provoking, forward thinking, pro-active ideas on the future of culture and ideology, then you’ve come to the right place.

If I’ve learned anything from today’s progressive youth, it’s that the biggest concerns regarding the direction of society is what kind of cultural representation is found in our movie content…

Forget trying to have a dialogue working towards a better understanding of each others opposing ideals. REAL progress is obviously found in how many social trends our movies can possibly pander to. Which also happens to be a great place to find rich Hollywood executives exploiting your sense of moral righteousness.

Hey, probably just a coincidence right?

But what better place to discuss our current political climate than on a show run by REAL men discussing all the ways they wish whatever movie they last saw was more like Commando.

I fucking love REAL science!

Everyone knows that reliable scientific facts don’t come from peer-reviewed study and repetition of results. They are much better found by whoever is speaking the loudest about whatever anecdotal evidence best confirms your personal bias.

If it sounds true it probably is true, and on today’s episode I prove myself to be the greatest scientist of all time by presenting two theories of which our listeners can’t actually challenge because this is of course a pre-recorded medium. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t really listen anyway.

And of course like a REAL man, both my theories are centered around why you’re wrong for liking the new Wonder Woman movie. That’s the kind of topic modern science needs to be tackling if we expect to make any progress to a better mankind.

The energy crisis? What crisis? Money seems to buy me all the gasoline I need. Problem solved.

Climate Change? I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s disgustingly hot out today, but I spend all my time in an air-conditioned movie theater anyway. Sorted.

But bad movies and people who like them? Now there’s an issue that I can get behind.

But the first step towards a solution is to narrow down the root cause of the problem. I think you’ll find today’s episode adequately identifies it, using Wonder Woman as an example of failure.

Look, if you want to hear an accurate review of Wonder Woman it will just end up being a three minute episode explaining, “it’s okay I guess”. But in order to fill out an entire show I put on my cleanest lab coat and extract every bit of content I possibly could.

Like a REAL scientist. You’re welcome.

Go away

I have more ground-breaking research to do for the next exciting episode of REAL Movies with REAL Men.




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