Episode #2 – Blair Witch Remake, Godzilla, The Walking Dead

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Blair Witch Remake
Godzilla 2014
The Walking Dead

All it takes is one good Muller to make it to the end of Episode #2 without killing himself.

And that Muller is me, and I’m the Mullchaelangelo of this podcast. Crafting the most REAL commentary on zombies since Braden was born from a literal zombie’s womb.

Let’s just start here by saying that Andy can eat his own ass. What’s the difference between The Walking Dead and a movie? Almost nothing. Andy’s only argument against me bringing that in as a most hated movie is that it’s longer.

Boo hoo, too long of a show for Andy to judge. What a sissy.

I guess now we can’t bring The Hobbit in as our most hated movie ever, huh? Seeing as those three-hour movies each take 100 hours to watch.

I’m going to say this once, and say this for all. This is a podcast for REAL men. Anyone who wants to be a crybaby Wasserman-Schultz sand-eating sensi-bunny can get the hell out right now! That includes you Andy!

Now let’s talk about what a screwup Andy is

At the beginning of the episode, that HACK Andy made a lame scripted joke about how he hopes I “don’t wait until the end of the episode to kill myself”. Unfortunately for him, I was ready with the wittiness of Jerry Seinmuller.

“I will not”.

3 simple words is all it took to make him bumble together a nonsensical retort, looking like a complete fool in the process.

The stench of his failure is so bad that even Godzilla, 400 feet high, can smell it.

That armpit sniffer, Braden, finally stopped heel-walking and wrote a decent segment

Can you believe that guy’s segment on Episode #1?

He’s getting lost all over the place, caught up on extraneous details, just going on and on and on with run-on sentences without taking a second to actually stop and think about whether anything he’s saying is actually funny or interesting, like he’s an uneducated high-school dropout who posts deep memes like “Maybe death is actually better than life, and that’s why no one ever comes back”.

If you haven’t listened to Episode #1 yet, get your finger ready on that “skip 30 seconds” button, ’cause you’re gonna need it!

Get the hell out of here with the details, man. No REAL man is going to keep listening to this podcast with all these subtleties, nuances, and other fairy crap.

Here’s that Blair Witch photo that Braden shows us on his phone. He says that it looks like an ogre, but I think he’s just trying to cover up a weird fetish or something because his phone felt pretty sweaty.

Is that my sister?

I also tried to get a video of that dumb Walking Dead season 6 finale, with the dumb animated blood pouring down the dumb screen, but my Google Chrome is too dumb to figure out what I’m trying to get it to do.

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