Episode #29 – The Last Jedi

Shame is the glue that holds a rotting, festering society together.

And a wise man once told me that “Yammering on and on about something I want to emphasize and showcase how funny it is in case you didn’t initially understand what I was trying to say is the soul of wit”.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that this post is going to be short. Because I forgot to write the episode post until now. Aand my sister is about to have a baby so I have to rush off to the hospital soon.

I’m going to the hospital because I’d lose face if I didn’t go visit my newly born nephew. See? Shame is working already. I promise though, I had a whole thing planned out where I was going to explain the entire methodology for how shame holds society together. Trust me.



Ps. I say nephew not because we already know the sex of the baby, but because if it’s a girl they won’t bother calling the family. Straight to the dumpster.

Pss. This episode contains by far my favorite story we’ve shared to date.

Psss. Oh, I can’t help myself. Here are all the ways shame glues society together:

  • Shame keeps homeless people from picking themselves up by their bootstraps and integrating into normal society. This is problematic because once a homeless person looks like everyone else, it becomes difficult to be sure that the person you’re abusing is indeed homeless, and not a regular person. You might end up in jail – big problem!
  • Shame keeps disgusting perverted behavior in the bedroom and off the streets.
  • Shame keeps people in church paying attention to the sermon, rather than just playing Sudoku on their phones.
  • Shame keeps people from napping at their jobs.
  • Shame keeps people from farting in meetings

One theme amongst all of these things is that shame hasn’t stopped me from doing any of these things. That’s because I wasn’t born with shame. Similar to people who have no morals, my lack of shame gives me an edge over any normal member of society.

Don’t drop the soap.


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