Episode #35 – Fishes With Penises, Monkey On Man Sex, The Shape Of Water, Congo

Why Did They Forget To Show Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Penis On Screen?

Was it an artistic decision? Did Wes Anderson feel that it wouldn’t contribute to the story enough?

Maybe he thought it wasn’t appropriate for a children’s movie to have graphic penises on screen?

Whatever the reasoning was, he was wrong. Anytime an animal is pretending to be a human on screen, you need to show off that animal’s penis to prove it.

“Come on, lemme see your penis!”

It’s the perfect question to verify almost anything, such as whether you’re:

  • fit to be a boss at a corporation
  • likely to be good at skateboarding
  • good at writing essays
  • able to hold an argument without resorting to fruitless ad-hominem attacks
  • good at directing movies that have fish penis in them

It’s also the perfect question to validate whether The Shape Of Water was a good movie or not. It turns out that he’s not going to show you his fish penis.

Fine then, be that way. Just coincidentally I’m not going to be able to show you a good review on your shitty penis-less movie.

See you next time Guillermo Del Penis!

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