Episode #40 – Deadpool 2


Perhaps someday there will come a time when we can go more than 2 episodes without talking about sooper hero nerd shit to some degree.

Oh I know, I don’t say that statement expecting it to be anytime soon. I can say with certainty the next episode will likely be about the stupid Han Solo movie, basically a sooper hero movie. Not that long ago we were dumb enough to watch Ready Player One, a movie that sucks the dick of sooper hero movies. And I know the latest installment in the Mamma Mia! franchise is right around the corner (the Greek Avengers).

Essentially I end up watching 7 new movies I hate for every 1 that I actually end up liking. I would kill at least 3 Mullers to reverse that ratio, but no matter how many I kill it never seems to fix the problem.

Yet because of this wildly popular podcast my life is in this weird place where it has to be continually sacrificed to the Altar of Hate that is RMwRM. Without this childish nerd crap the podcast would likely cease to exist.

Something has to fuel the hate engine and I know that won’t happen if I’m sitting around watching A Serbian Film, The 120 days of Sodom, Irréversible, or any of my other favorite movies.

The engine will only continue to run on hate, and thus my foreseeable future will still be made up of sooper hero movies and Muller.



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