Episode #43 – Jurassic World 2

Speaking of dinosaurs…

Remember a time when every mainstream movie wasn’t a horrendous bloated cash grab? When big studios were willing to take a risk?

Remember when going to the theater was an experience of splendor and awe? How it filled your mind with a thrill of childlike wonder?

Remember as you spent more cash on another movie ticket not being reminded that you traded just some of your finite amount of time and life to earn it, just to waste it on more poorly written uninteresting drivel?

Remember not comparing the visuals and artistic direction to that of a fucking migraine? Not confusing the movie going experience with the fear of an impending aneurysm?

Remember the days when you didn’t go to a movie knowing it was going to be terrible just so you would have some fodder for your stupid podcast that nobody listens to? Days that you didn’t have to waste in the company of a goddamn Muller for some futile attempt to create content?

Remember never praying that the movie would get cut short by one of those frustrated gamers that decides to make the news by shooting up a theater?

Remember fun? Remember joy?

Ya, neither do I.



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