Episode #45 – Brokeback Mountain

My Butt Hurts

What’s the gayest movie you’ve ever seen? Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Party Monster? Pain & Gain?

Brokeback Mountain isn’t what I thought it’d be.

I expected a movie about gay cowboys eating pudding and kicking ass in the name of love. Instead, what I got was a cast of boring southwestern white trash dicking around for 2 hours. And Randy Quaid.

Shitter’s Full!

No, I’m not quoting Jack Twist here. I’m quoting some classic Randy Quaid! Uncle Eddie is probably my favourite fictional drunk character of his. A close 2nd is Russell Casse (from Independence Day, or ID4 as the cool kids called it back in the 90’s).

He spends the entirety of the movie completely piss drunk. And after a military debriefing on how to attack the alien ships at the end of the movie, they find out Randy was a former pilot in Vietnam and promptly start shoving coffee in his face to sober him up. They knowingly put a man, drunk off his ass, into a fighter jet as humanity’s last hope. Claiming he’d been abducted 10 years prior, he was eager to get his shots in.

As we joked in Episode 6 of RMwRM, we’re all pretty sure this wasn’t acting. They just had a camera follow around Randy Quaid for a few days and this is what they got.

I Wonder How Much Method Acting Jake & Heath Did To Prepare

Probably not as much as Michael and Oscar did for Gay Witch Hunt.

What Is Texas Known For Again?

Somebody remind me…

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