Episode #47 – 9 Month’s Of Fermenting Water Bottle Piss (Also Known As Corry), Jingle All The Way

A good story cuts to the chase – a classic rule.

Instead of derailing into five hundred mundane details like how your grandma baked great pies that were great, and your coworker also happens to like these sorts of pies, you want to get to the meat of your story and say just enough that your buildup and climax make sense (unlike this paragraph, which is ripe with mundane details).

Our guest Corry misread that classic rule as “a good story cuts the chase” because his stories include exclusively mundane details about sweeping up construction with a broom and how he wins Facebook 24-hour bidding competitions (oh wait, that was me).

Even this random idiot YouTuber knows how to fix your stories Corry – and he’s an idiot. Thanks for being on the show!

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