Episode #53 – The Purge, Jerking Off Your Own Disabled Son

Every day is Purge Day in a Marxist utopia

Just think about it. Anytime you’re upset that someone has more skills or talent than you, you can just accuse them of being too “privileged” and then gather your torches and pitchforks.

More rejected ideas for wacky purge gangs and villains:

  • The Little Kings: a group of midgets that run around wearing cardboard Burger King crowns. They only eat burgers and use a lot of burger lingo and insults, like “Hey you damn onion ring, you messed with the wrong king”.
  • Michael Douglas from Falling Down: he’s fed up with the world’s shit, and with a bag full of guns you’d better hope you don’t mildly inconvenience him
  • The Tighty Whiteys: they all wear their underwear on the outside of their pants and drink warm milk.
  • The Kingpins: a gang of bowlers that throw around bowling ball bombs
  • The Diabetics: super fat, complain about having diabetes, soak up all of the government’s health care dollars.
  • Blackfoot: leader of “The Diabetics”.
  • The Notaries: they follow people around, and anytime they make a promise in a personal conversation they turn it into a legal obligation. Particularly insidious against young people or politicians (whoo hoo, that’s some low ass hanging fruit to call a politician a liar).
  • The Audiophiles: carries around superpowered speakers to burst your eardrums. But damnit if that music won’t be in a crisp, lossless format.

Credit to Dave for some of these ideas.

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