Episode #57 – The Rocky Franchise aka Sawsgiving 2.5

Just what the hell do I have to say to get this podcast at the center of some outrage!?

This week some kid gets seen standing while wearing a red hat and everyone loses their fucking mind. Meanwhile Muller and I put forth our best effort every episode to mock and belittle every oppressed social group we can think of and nothing!


Where’s the respect? Do I need to sell out this quickly?

Week by week this podcast sits at about 7 regular listeners and 200ish dummy account downloads that I pay some Asian guy to gin up, to eventually sell the podcast to the Chinese market. Years spent working toward that eventual 300 dollars and so far no response from China at all!

What do I have to do? Is it the red hats? Is that all it takes?

I constantly get told we need some kind of Joe Rogan style video feed to get more attention and I always assume they’re retarded for thinking I’m motivated enough to put even the slightest bit of effort into making this podcast into something. But perhaps they are right.

Nobody really cares to listen to the constant hate speech we espouse week to week, but they sure as fuck would if they could see we were wearing red hats while doing so.

So, much like Rocky, we’re going to get back up and keep moving forward, or some other Rocky-themed analogy that will surely tie this rant into what the episode is actually about. So say goodbye to edgy attempts at intentionally pushing people’s buttons, and hello to sitting quietly in front of a camera while wearing red hats. I can already smell the intoxicating fumes of those sweet sweet China dollar bills.




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